Air Optix Aqua and Air Optix Toric

If you have problems with either dry eye or astigmatism, there are two new contact lens materials out for you to try:

Air Optix AquaAir Optix Aqua – This lens is made of the most breathable contact lensmaterial available on the market right now.  If you have problems with dry eye and have yet to find a contact lens that feels comfortable, there is a new option on the market.  As always, I will give you a free pair of lensesto try before you buy so you will never end up with unusable lenses.

Air Optix Toric – For those with astigmatism, this is a new lens that has improved on-eye stability due to the new lens design.  If your toric contact lenses move around a lot and cause intermittent blurry vision, this may be the lens for you.  This lens is also made of silicone hydrogel, making it extremely oxygen permeable, which can also increase comfort.  If you don’t love your lenses, give these new ones a shot!