Ocular Health

Ocular health is focused on issues that concern the health of the eyes. The primary health care givers in the field of ocular health are optometrists and they interact regularly with other eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists and opticians.

Ophthalmologists are usually involved in eye care when surgeries are needed, when an optometrist detects an condition which requires surgery, the patient will be given a referral to an ophthalmologist. Ocular health also involves various aspects which include examination of the eyes and structures which are linked to them in order to determine if everything is in order. In case any problems exist, a number of different solutions may be prescribed.

Ocular health professionals may make use of different kinds of equipment in order to carry out the necessary eye examinations and make a diagnosis. In order to test for vision and visual fields, vision charts and machines may be used. Pupil light response may be tested for using a simple penlight. Small objects, prism bars and occluders may be used to determine eye movements and eye alignment issues. In order to handle refraction issues, trial eyeglasses or contact lenses can be used. Alternatively a retinoscope and phoropter may be used for the same process.

More pronounced examination of both internal and external structures of the eyes may be carried out with various devices such as an ophthalmoscope, slit-lamp bio-microscope among other devices. Newer developments as well have meant that optometrists have started making use of computerized equipment in eye examinations in order to diagnose problems and make recommendations.

Ocular nutrition also plays a role in issues concerning eye health. The function of ocular nutrition is to ensure the health of the eyes and associated organs by advising an individual to eat the right foods. Not only does this promote better eyesight now, but it also helps in helping individuals retain good eyesight when they age and their eyesight is expected to get worse.

Different recommended foods such as carotenids, blueberries, apricots ,bilberries, cold water fish ,Omega 3 fish oil and a number of others tend to aid in promoting the well-being of the eyes and associated organs in different ways as well.

Ocular health is thought to be a field and area of concern which is as important as other precise fields such as dental health. Ocular health should even be of much more importance because of the essential roles our eyes play in our lives. Regular eye examinations and visits to eye care professionals are one way of ensuring that these essential organs of sight are well taken care of and monitored as well.